Chava Gal-Or, Founder, Door l’Door

Chava’s professional and personal derekh (path) inspires many people as she walks in the world honoring her wholistic motto of the Four E’s:  Embrace people where they are; Empower them to rise to their potential through motivation and modeling; Engage each person in their learning process, and Everyone matters.

As a mother, Jewish educator, writer, activist, change-maker, and friend, Chava thrives on connecting with people, environment, and the natural world. She weaves her life’s tapestry through writing, teaching, motivational speaking, chanting and drumming - a powerful medium connecting body, mind, spirit, and soul; and facilitating vision boarding – a creative practice to bring individual and collective hopes, dreams and action to fruition.  

Living consciously as a Jew is the totality of Chava’s essence and journey, ultimately leading others to consider their path and the possibilities of conscious living, simplicity, sustainability, and a sacred space with Judaism. Her passion and enthusiasm is realized through teaching Judaism in multiple grade levels, directing numerous congregational schools nationwide, facilitating learning hubs for colleagues, teachers, families, congregants, and community outreach.

Chava’s arrival in Houston is a personal gift. She has fallen in love with the Temple Sinai community as the Director of Congregational Learning and founder of Door l’Door, a passionate work-in progress.

Door l’Door

Door l’Door was birthed in response to Hurricane Harvey, the tragedy that devastated nearly 1,000 Jewish homes in the Houston area. That loss touched a raw nerve for Chava. While she knew that she couldn’t repair the severely impacted homes, she wanted to do something to make a difference.  It was her love of the mezuzah and her devotion to her newly adopted community that led to the formation of Door l'Door.


Moving Forward

The unfortunate frequency of natural disasters during the last half of 2017 moved beyond Houston, and Chava felt an urgency to expand Door l’Door to other Jewish family homes wrought by devastation. Providing a new mezuzah to these families was a tangible pathway towards restoring their spirits, nourishing their souls, and renewing their faith.  

Recently, Chava’s outreach has expanded yet again in the collection of Jewish holiday and holy day items including Shabbat candlesticks, challah boards, menorahs, seder plates, Kiddush cups, etc. Her mission continues to attend to and provide for the cherished items in Jewish traditions and life.