Door l'Door: Planting Seeds

Creating Door l'Door: Mezuzah Rescue and Replacement has become what I now refer to as an incredible detour. When I asked friends on Facebook where I could go to purchase kosher scrolls for those I knew who had lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey, I didn't know that what I was actually doing was birthing an idea that would ultimately explode in front of me. In three weeks, I have seen one planted seed transformed into more seeds and a whole lot of growth. And with each day, more and more people emerge with thoughts, ideas, concrete advice, and of course scrolls and mezuzah cases!!!! And through it all, my personal schedule has been packed with the beginning of my program year as the Director of Congregational Learning at Temple Sinai in Houston, the High Holy Days with more holidays on the way, a nasty case of bronchitis, and finally the emergence of Door l'Door into my world and hopefully yours too! So here is a brief update of what has happened to date:

  • September 12 - On Facebook, I asked for help on where to purchase kosher scrolls on a limited budget.

  • September 14 - Created as my 'formal' email address. (I couldn't figure out how to get Door l'Door to work and look good too.)

  • September 15 - The Mezuzah Project became formally named Door l'Door through crowd-sourcing ideas with friends on Facebook.

  • September 23 - I started this blog with the help of my close friend who simply purchased my domain name and then set up a blog. I love having friends who understand the nuts and bolts of creating a internet presence for this work.

  • September 26 - The Jewish Herald Voice Published an article about this project:

  • And throughout this brief journey, the beautiful gifts that are making Door l'Door possible include:

  • purchase of the domain name for future website

  • new kosher mezuzah scrolls with more ordered and on the way

  • used mezuzot with cases and scrolls

  • money to purchase klafim, (kosher parchments or scrolls)

  • help with PR

  • support from our local Jewish Family Service and local clergy and from so many in my community Temple Sinai

  • writers and others that want to share this work are emerging daily.

  • people that believe in this project and are offering their love, wisdom, and insights

I still need:

  • share Door l'Door, this blog, or the article (link above) with everyone you know

  • more kosher scrolls

  • financial support to purchase the kosher scrolls or

  • actual kosher scrolls

  • to collect photos of Harvey homes missing their mezuzot and Jewish homes that are devastated.

  • to collect photos of mezuzot on door frames

  • help creating a website

  • friends willing to help me think out loud about how to move forward and to potentially join my nonprofit board. :)

Moving forward, I will be reaching out to every friend, congregational rabbi, and synagogue professional that I know - asking them to help with this project. In order for this holy work to touch those that need it, I will need help, lots of help. Door l'Door has blossomed into a labor of love. I truly believe that with this work, we can make a difference and help people heal from the devastation of losing their homes or having their homes nearly destroyed. I want people to see the mezuzah on their doorpost and know that they have truly come home. Consider helping Door l'Door by contributing to putting a mezuzah on the door of every Jewish home. If you are interested in sending kosher mezuzah scrolls or mezuzahs, please send them to: Chava Gal-Or c/o Temple Sinai 13875 Brimhurst Drive Houston, TX 77077 If you are called to participate in what is now called Door l’Door: Mezuzah Rescue and Replacement, please connect with me by mail at the above address or via email at Donations towards this project can be made out to Chava Gal-Or with Mezuzot Project in the memo section of the check or via PayPal. Please note that Door l'Door is not yet a nonprofit; but I am in the process of creating 501(c)(3). l'Shalom

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